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  On-board Wi-Fi set to become standard
Air |    Gulf carrier Emirates expects onboard Wi-Fi to become the norm in the next few years as travellers demand total... Read more
10/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Are US gas-guzzlers set to become a thing of the past?
Policies |    Not just yet but US fuel economy reached a record high in 2013 with new vehicles achieving a record... Read more
10/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Corporate car-sharing Guide 2014: department of corrections
Car Sharing |  In the pages of Fleet Europe and its sister publications we strive to ensure accuracy and relevance in all areas... Read more
09/11/2014 | Steven Schoefs

  Peugeot to use 'Mu' to greater effect in UK
Car Sharing |  Peugeot is planning to expand and overhaul its short-term rental and car-sharing scheme in order to attract more corporate business... Read more
07/11/2014 | Tim Harrup

  WiFi here, there and it's going everywhere!
Business Center |  By the end of 2014 there will be 47.7 million public Wi-Fi hotspots deployed worldwide with Europe having half of... Read more
07/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Are automakers winning the war on emissions?
Policies |  Almost all car and van manufacturers have met European carbon dioxide emission limits ahead of schedule according to the European... Read more
07/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Continental appoints new powertrain leader
Manufacturers |  Continental has appointed Bernd Mahr as Executive Vice President of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business.   The Business Unit which... Read more
07/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Don't buy Euros in the street in China...
Travel Management |  A new scam is being used in China to dupe European business travellers reports French website Déplacements Pros. They are... Read more
06/11/2014 | Tim Harrup

  Hyundai hit with record fine for emissions error
Manufacturers |  Hyundai and Kia will pay the largest fine in U.S. Clean Air Act history because its vehicles emitted more greenhouse... Read more
06/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Gothenburg welcomes autonomous vehicles
Manufacturers |  Autonomous vehicles are driving around the streets of Gothenburg Sweden in one of the world's largest autonomous driving projects.... Read more
06/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Ford rolls out pre-collision tech
Manufacturers |  Ford is rolling out a driver-assistance system that can read the road ahead and help reduce collisions. Using radar... Read more
06/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Audi joins car sharing community in Berlin
Car Sharing |  Audi has become the latest OEM to join the car-sharing revolution with the launch of Audi Shared Fleet in Berlin... Read more
05/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Get ready! Car-maggedon is coming
Fleet Management |  The annual cost of traffic congestion in Europe and the US will jump to over €230 billion by 2030 almost... Read more
05/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Regus continues airport expansion
Business Center |  A new drop-in workspace for mobile and flexible workers has opened at Birmingham Airport. The Regus Express centre located a... Read more
05/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Company car subsidies costing the earth
Policies |  Advanced economies are pushing up carbon emissions traffic congestion and air pollution by under-taxing company cars and diesel fuel according... Read more
04/11/2014 | Jonathan Green