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  'Gutter oil' for airliner fuel
Air |  Boeing and China’s Commercial Aircraft Corp (COMAC) have opened a demonstration facility that will turn waste cooking oil or... Read more
24/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Travelport enhances Smartpoint
Mobility Management System |  Travel Platform provider Travelport has launched a new version of its agency desktop technology solution - Travelport Smartpoint. The... Read more
24/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Shave legroom, shave costs
Air |  Airline passengers are willing to shave a few more inches off their legroom for the sake of a cheaper... Read more
24/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Daimler sells Tesla stake
 |  It has been revealed that Daimler has sold its 4% stake in Tesla for $780m but the split is... Read more
23/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Lufthansa strikes could return
Air |  A labour court in Germany has ruled that strike action taken by Lufthansa pilots cannot be declared as illegal... Read more
23/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  UK EVs selling at record levels
 |  UK sales of electric cars and other plug-in vehicles are continuing to increase with record numbers of people taking... Read more
22/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  EV taxis for Madrid and Barcelona
Public Transport |  The era of the 100% electric taxi has arrived to Spain's two largest cities as Nissan delivered its first 100%... Read more
22/10/2014 | Tim Harrup

  ALD Netherlands inaugurates Mobility Experience Centre
Car Leasing |  Co-located with its brand new headquarters in Hoofddorp (Netherlands) ALD Automotive's newly inaugurated Mobility Experience Centre (MEC) offers corporate clients... Read more
22/10/2014 | Steven Schoefs

  Air passenger numbers to double by 2034
Air |  Air passenger numbers will reach 7.3 billion in the next two decades so say the International Air Transport Association... Read more
22/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Eurostar's makeover as it turns 20
Travel Industry |  Eurostar is significantly upgrading its fleet as it expands further into Europe and celebrates its birthday. The new e320... Read more
22/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Five-minute EV charging just two years away
Mobility Management System |  Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70% in two... Read more
21/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  Congestion will cost $293bn by 2030
Business Center |  The annual cost of traffic gridlock in Europe and the US will soar to over $293 billion by 2030... Read more
21/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  New Hilton brand to reflect travellers' needs
Hotel  |  Hilton Worldwide is to launch Canopy by Hilton a new lifestyle hotel brand for leisure and business travellers.  ... Read more
21/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  AirBnB, KAYAK, and 2014's top business travel tips
Travel Management |  Rocketrip has released its 2014 Business Travel Saver Report revealing the top saving strategies identified from its travel management... Read more
19/10/2014 | Ally Millar

  BCD most admired Travel Managers
Travel Management |  BCD Travel has been named the Most Admired Travel Management Company in 2014 retaining the award from 2013. Awarded... Read more
19/10/2014 | Ally Millar