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  Glomex event with focus on the future of business travel and urban mobility
Air |  On December 10 aviation journalist Arnold Burlage and Alessandro Pigazzi Director of International Consulting at Arval were the guest... Read more
15/12/2014 | Steven Schoefs

  Google's Schmidt: Don't fear the autonomous car
Travel Management |  Google’s Eric Schmidt recently told a Financial Times event audience that robots are our friends not monsters trying to take... Read more
12/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  A diesel Hybrid from Audi?
Manufacturers |  Audi is reportedly planning a plug-in hybrid version of almost every model it currently makes - and some hybrids will... Read more
12/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  LEAF breezes past more landmarks
 |  It's been a good year-end for Nissan and Renault with LEAF passing the one billion km milestone just days... Read more
10/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  India's first EV - and it's a beauty
Manufacturers |  A retro sporty looking two-wheeler with a fibreglass body and a lead-acid battery it's only India's first EV. The... Read more
10/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  The car that prints itself to life
Manufacturers |  Mobility this car sharing that. For those unenthused by the strides technologists are making in automotive then maybe a... Read more
09/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  Milan drivers paid to keep cars at home
Mobility Management System |  The city of Milan is encouraging its motorists to leave cars at home to help ease the city's swelling... Read more
09/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  Audi car sharing solution: Keep it among friends
Car Sharing |    A pilot 'miscrosharing' scheme by Audi which aims to provide car sharing for groups of up to four... Read more
08/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  Uber's Scandinavian enemies
Car Sharing |  The world's EV capital Oslo has filed a complaint against app-based taxi company Uber claiming the service doesn't have... Read more
05/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  DriveNow on the streets of London
Mobility Industry |  BMW and Sixt today announced the arrival of car sharing service DriveNow in the UK capital. Already servicing over... Read more
05/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  Four UK spots to test autonomous
Mobility Management System |  Following the UK Chancellor’s autumn statement a quango has announced the UK locations set to test driverless cars.   ... Read more
04/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  EV vending machines and 49 other big ideas
 |  A new think-tank has reported the groundbreaking ideas that will shape the future of the electric vehicle around the... Read more
04/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  90% off EVs to reignite Germany's green fire?
 |  Germany's government is expected to rubber stamp new incentives for companies who buy EVs in order to jump-start the... Read more
02/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  All aboard the poo-powered bus!
Mobility Management System |  The UK's first ever bus powered by human poo and food waste has taken to the road. The 40-seater Bio-Bus... Read more
28/11/2014 | Jonathan Green

  City dwellers say yes to e-bikes
Mobility Management System |  Cycling in the city is cool.  The bike is here to stay but the next generation of urbanites are looking... Read more
28/11/2014 | Jonathan Green