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  Too much drink to drive? Ask your smartphone
Telecom/Mobile communication |  It's a matter of time before a bona fide breathaliser app hits smartphones so until then an app just launched... Read more
16/12/2014 | Ally Millar

  CarPlay set to become no 1
Telecom/Mobile communication |  By 2019 over 24 million new cars will be fitted with CarPlay predicts ABI Research. With Ford BMW Audi Mercedes... Read more
24/07/2014 | Jonathan Green

Telematics - a profitable mystery.
Conceived in the mid 1990s as a military tool enabling hands-free in-vehicle calls and screen-based navigation the telematics charge is... Read more

16/06/2014  |  Jonathan Green

  Autonomous driving on offer within the next decade
Telecom/Mobile communication |  With the headlines about self driving cars autonomous vehicles and drones now litter the motoring and mainstream press when will... Read more
21/03/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Companies profit by flying less
Telecom/Mobile communication |  New results published by WWF-UK show that some of the UK’s leading businesses have cut flights by 38% and flight... Read more
31/01/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Unify launches UC solution in Belgium
Telecom/Mobile communication |  Unify has partnered with Win to launch its Unified Communications technology in the French-speaking part of Belgium under the label... Read more
21/01/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Telemedicine boosts productivity by 94%
Telecom/Mobile communication |  The productivity of cardiology staff at a London Children’s Hospital has rocketed by 94% following the introduction of HD quality... Read more
08/01/2014 | Jonathan Green

  Better mobility with 4G?
Telecom/Mobile communication |  The ongoing debate about the desirability of the ‘4G’ mobile communications level may not seem to be of much... Read more
07/01/2014 | Tim Harrup

It's electrifying! Latest issue of Smart Mobility Management out now
The internal combustion engine has a new team mate and one that receives power from the electricity grid. After spending... Read more

11/11/2013  |  Jonathan Green

  Unify launches with bid to transform business communications for the New Way to Work
Telecom/Mobile communication |  Unify—formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications— has been launched this month with the aim of transforming business communications for the... Read more
28/10/2013 | Jonathan Green

  BT Launches High Definition Business Collaboration Services
Telecom/Mobile communication |  BT today announced the launch of a series of new services aimed at improving the way people work together within... Read more
11/10/2013 | Jonathan Green

  Meet me by the Celluloid - The Role of Video in a Managed Travel Programme
Telecom/Mobile communication |  In this guest article Paul Tilstone Senior Vice President Global Operations for the Global Business Travel Associations(GBTA) shares his thoughts... Read more
20/09/2013 | Jonathan Green

New work places, new work spaces and new work styles. Exploring the changing face of corporate travel and mobility
Read Smart Mobility Management online today! Welcome to the latest issue of Smart Mobility Management.  We are focusing in on the rise... Read more

13/09/2013  |  Jonathan Green

  Video and telepresence revenues decline as lower cost systems come to market
Telecom/Mobile communication |  The worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing and Telepresence market has demonstrated continuing market challenges with equipment review declining -10.7% year on year... Read more
03/09/2013 | Jonathan Green

  Superfast broadband on your travels coming closer
Telecom/Mobile communication |  Ofcom the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries has announced that it is exploring plans to... Read more
26/08/2013 | Jonathan Green