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Toyota to launch zero emission car sharing solution in Grenoble

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The city of Grenoble, car-sharing service operator Cité lib, French energy provider Électricité de France (EDF) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) have signed a memorandum of understanding to launch a collaborative zero-emission ultra-compact urban electric vehicle car-sharing project aimed at addressing “last mile” transportation.

The project has also received support from the Ville de demain 3 fund for the development of Ecocité Grenoble.
EDF will install a charging network within the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole with charging points placed at public transportation stations to enable “last mile” transport and in areas where there is minimal public transportation.

The project aims to fulfil the objectives of local public authorities to respond to the increasing need for mobility in the Ecocité area, while reducing car use.

Research co-mobility solutions

For Toyota (TMC), this project is part of research into comprehensive car-sharing schemes to explore the utility and business feasibility of co-modality transport solutions. The main objective of the research is to better understand the interconnection between the different modes of public and individual transportation in an urban environment, as well as to be able to better identify the exact needs of consumers in terms of “last mile” mobility.

The common challenge of the project will be to broaden consumer understanding and acceptance of car-sharing systems in preparation for its wider use the future.

TMC plans to supply nearly 70 ultra-compact electric vehicles, including the COMS ultra-compact vehicle produced by Toyota Auto Body, as well as a new vehicle based on the Toyota i-ROAD concept which was unveiled tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show.

These vehicles, with their compact dimensions, have been adapted specifically for urban driving, efficient use of parking spaces, and for “last mile” mobility needs.

One Mile Mobility Management System
TMC will also provide the One-Mile Mobility Management System, a unique centralized IT management system that will enable users to check location and availability of car-sharing vehicles and book them through smartphones. The system will also allow the fleet operator to optimise vehicle allocation throughout the charging station network.

Cité lib, which operates a car-sharing business in Grenoble, will handle daily operations and customer service. They will be in charge of responding to customer inquiries, subscription management, reservations and maintenance of vehicles and charging stations. They will also optimise vehicle availability throughout the charging station network. 

21/03/2013  |  Jonathan Green
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